Mistakes You Should Avoid While Creating A Mobile Application

There are many forums where you learn how to create the mobile app but here we will discuss how to develop the mobile application without any error. It should be free from the flaw of mistakes. There is one thing one should keep in mind that developing an application is a very crucial thing to do and you need to understand the pitfalls involved in it. In recent times, it has found tremendous growth in this sector. The lifestyle of the people has been changed; people are dependent on the smartphone.

They get anything anywhere on the fingertips. They feel too lazy to open the computer and do the task. Not all the apps are successful in giving the desire satisfaction to the customer. Investors spend lots of money on developing the website. There are applications which are downloaded for a day and disappear the next day. There are Android app review services that help in downloading the application on mobile. There are many things to consider while making the mobile application.

Some common mistakes are as follows



When you develop a new application, you should know for which platform it is going to be used. The platforms can be IOS or android or it can be any platform. We all know android and IOS are common but what about people who are still using the platforms like windows or blackberry. Many countries are still using windows phone. So now you should know which platform will be used for the application. Before getting the app, development chose form native app, web app or hybrid app and then gets into the process of developing the application.


The idea behind developing the application is important. Avoid making Intrusive ads on the app. You should create in a desire proportion.ad should not be too big to be annoying and it should not be too small to understand. The appearance of advertisement should be according to the layout and design of the device. The buyer app review increases the website ranking, this an innovative feature you can have for the development of the application. Check their pricing plans over here.

Excessive pop-up notifications

While developing the application, there is pop-up notification feature. It is a very strong feature as it keeps on updating the customer about the important thing. For example, if you are creating the banking mobile application, then notification feature is vital. But you should not provide over excessive notification again and again to the customer. In such situation, customer gets annoyed. These notifications need to be sent at right time. To increase the retention of the customer be careful when what and where to send. Like doing shopping form mobile app the notification is sent via email and via SMS just after the transaction is processed. This notification is good to retain the customer. The customer feels secure in such case and trusts the company. Similarly, if you don’t send any notification then the customer might feel insecure and will not be retained. Here strategy has to be cleared while developing the app.

Application functioning

There are many problems an app may suffer like loading time, display problem on different size of devices, drains the battery of the device, get hanged or freeze due to overload, unsatisfactory UX etc. These are the common issues for the app. This leads to poor performance of the company. For this you might have the negative impact on your existing customer, you might lose them. There is no new customer and existing customers will also lose uninstall the app. So be careful about the app functioning. Plan the application design error free and work perfectly.

Some annoying feature

To make the application unique, do not involve unnecessary features. Like in some app you have to follow the social media account which turns out to be annoying for users. The strategy should be like study the consumer behaviour and then put the features into it.  The mobile app will be dumped if the user information is shared with the third party without user confirmation.

User interface

The main part is the user interface. The application should not be complicated for the user. A user might not be techno-friendly, keep features as simple as possible. In order to giver user a different experience, the case can be adverse. Provide easy features and functions so that users can interact in a friendly way and get satisfied with the features and functions.

Feedback and review

It is not necessary to ask feedback or to rate the app repeatedly. There are buy app review available for feedback which is based on real feedback. The user gets nervous if he/she is asked to give rating again and again so avoid such gestures. The same thing is applicable in the case of updates or notification.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can develop the perfect user interface app.