How To Make Your Blog Indexed Faster

If you have created a new website/blog and want to index them faster by major search engines like GoogleYahoo and Bing? then you are at right place to know such information. Suppose you have launched a new website/blog and written a few good articles but waiting for search engines to crawl and index them not a good idea. So the better way is to let search engines know about your work is to add your website/blog sitemap to these major search giants for better indexing. We have mentioned few techniques below for better and faster indexing of a blog. We tried to index this post –> Kundli Matching for Marriage  & we got succeed.

Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

Sitemap is a file that contains a list of URL’s of a site that allows webmaster to inform search engines about the location of pages on a website that are available for crawling. Once you have submitted the sitemap of your website to search engines these search engines take some time to process and index them. We all know that Google is one of the best search giant than Yahoo and Bing, for providing better search results. Google also index a website sitemap much faster than other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo and Bing takes lots of time to index a website. Lets submit your website/blog sitemap to these below major search engines:

  1. Google : Webmaster Tools
  2. Yahoo : Yahoo Site Explorer
  3. Bing : Bing Webmaster

Submit Blog To Blog Directories

On the internet you will find many blog directories with good reputation and by adding a blog to these directories is a better idea to gain more quality backlinks and force search engines to index your blog much faster. Why because these blog directories are indexed continuously by all major search engines. So go and registered your blog there and add your blog description and title with rite category. Submit your blog to these below top 10 blog directories:

  1. Technorati
  2. BlogCatalog
  3. NetworkedBlogs
  4. BlogTopList
  5. BlogTopSites
  6. Bloggernity
  7. OnTopList
  8. Blog Rankings
  9. Blogarama
  10. Bloggeries

Submit Blog Feeds To Feed Directories

It is similar to blog directories like adding your blog feeds to feed directories for quicker indexing of blogs. But the main difference is that whenever you publish a new article to your blog, these feed directories automatically submit all your published articles via your blog feeds. Such kind of submission will also give you more quality backlinks for better ranking of your blog. Best top 10 feed directories are mentioned below.

  1. Feedage
  2. Blog Burst
  3. Feed
  4. RSS Network
  5. FeedFury
  6. Million RSS
  7. Best Blogs
  8. Blog Hints
  9. FeedPlex
  10. FriendFeed

Check Your Blog Statistics

There are many online tools available to check insights and details of your website/blog. These online tools will create a separate page of your blog Like This, this will help your blog to get indexed quickly. A few of them listed below you can try them.

  1. CubeStats
  2. Whois
  3. valuethewebsite
  4. Sitetrail
  5. Alexa
  6. Allaboutsite
  7. StatBrain

Use Website Indexer Tool

The Website Indexer Tool also uses the same strategy like above. It will automatically submit your blog to 100 authority sites to index your blog faster. They claim that your blog get indexed withing in one hour. I have used this tool before its works 100%.