Enable Blogger Dynamic View In Blog

Blogger finally introduced 7 Dynamic Views for all blogs in Template Designer section. So, Now blogger users are able to change their layout the way they want. A Dynamic View is an automated feature which style the your current template into different flavours and colors. The Dynamic View really help your readers and visitors by providing better readability. The feature allows you to arrange your posts and sidebars. This feature arranges all your posts as per selected Dynamic Views. However, this feature has some advantages and disadvantages we will going to discuss below.

All About Blogger Dynamic Views

Below are the seven new way to experience your blog look. We will see each example below with screenshot.

  1. Classic: A modern twist on a traditional template
  2. Flipcard: Photos tiled across the page
  3. Magazine: A clean, elegant editorial style layout
  4. Mosaic: A mosaic mix of different sized images and text
  5. Sidebar: An email inbox-like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
  6. Snapshot: An interactive pin board of your posts
  7. Timeslide: A horizontal view of your posts by time period

Blogger Classic View

  1. Infinite scrolling replaces the “Older posts” link.
  2. Use keyboard to navigate through the posts using shortcut keys J (older post) and K (newer post) or the arrow keys.
  3. As you scroll posts will continue to load.

Blogger Flipcard View

  1. Mouse over any image you will see post title and comment count
  2. Click on image to see full view.
  3. As you scroll posts will continue to load.

Blogger Magazine View

  1. Mouse over the post to see highlighting and comments bubble animation
  2. Select “X” key to close and back to the default view.

Blogger Mosaic View

  1. Clicking on an post title will give you full width view and clicking again to back to default.
  2. This view is optimized for the tablet viewing, and supports screen rotation.
  3. You can use shortcut keys like J and K for navigation up and down

Blogger Sidebar View

  1. Left sidebar is list of chronological posts, with comment counts and thumbnails for individual posts.
  2. Choose shortkeys like J and K for page up and down

Blogger Snapshot View

  1. This only displays post which have images
  2. Clicking any image will give you full view of image
  3. Use mouse over on any image to see a post snippet.

Blogger Timeslide View

  1. Left column: Shows a picture in snipped title and description.
  2. Middle column: Only displays the post title and snippet
  3. Right column: Displays just the individual post titles

How To View Blogger Dynamic View

By default blogger enables Dynamic Views for all blogs. So, If you want to view preview of each Dynamic View. Just simply click below links to view each preview.

  1. Classichttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/classic
  2. Flipcardhttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/flipcard
  3. Magazinehttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/magazine
  4. Mosaichttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/mosaic
  5. Sidebarhttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/sidebar
  6. Snapshothttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/snapshot
  7. Timeslidehttp://www.hqwallpaper.in/view/timeslide

If you want to view your blog preview then simply replace www.hqwallpaper.in with your domain name or blog name.

How To Enable Dynamic View For Blog

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard click on —> Design tab —> Template Designer tab.

2. In Template Designer section you will have seven Dynamic Views, Click on each view to preview your blog. Refer screen below.

3. If you liked any of view then simply hit the “Apply to Blog” button at the top-right corner.

Dynamic View Advantages

Dynamic Views is compatible with all major browsers such as IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This view really reduce your blog loading time. The layout of this view perfectly coded that it will not interrupt your layout. This view also gives better browsing in smart phones.

Dynamic View Disadvantages

You really don’t have any control on your blog widgets and posts when you enable Dynamic Views. This view does not provide subscription form. If you have a good running professional blog with Ads on it, then better to quit and leave this feature. This best suited for images or wallpapers blog to give more attractive look.

I really hope this article you liked much, have any query then use comment form below to leave a comment with feedback.