Facebook Ads For Success: Tricks and Tips

Today online Ads are hotcakes as they provide an effective and cost efficient way to reach the targeted audience. Facebook tops as the provider for an effective platform for online ads. According to a recent study from MerchantCircle, 22% of small businesses have used Facebook Ads, and 65% prefer to use Facebook Ads again. Easy use and flexibility were given the top reasons for its success.

Why Facebook:

1. From the straight words from FB Team: Reach Target Customers, Deepen Relationships, Control budget.

2. Facebook holds detailed user data and various options, which makes it easier to target specific groups and also keeps track of the views.

3. There is no cost attached to create an ad in Face book, the only catch of business for them is from Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per view (CPV). Hence, once you have created a successful ad, which not only attracts viewers but also buyers, paying the FB team reasonable cash as per CPC or CPV will not be a constraint.

With all these goody things in, if you thought it’s a cakewalk to get customers for your business via FB, then you might need a halt. With the recent study, it was found that one-third of users did not find it that successful. But does this mean Ads in FB doesn’t work? No it simply means that in midst of millions of business ads, your ad need to stand out and roar a distinct identity to be noticed. There are many features in FB Ad creation, if used effectively can yield the desired clicks and customers thereafter. Hence there is certainly a hidden secret behind successful ad generations and great business profits, which follows.

For all those who have already created or planning to create an ad in Facebook, here are some useful tips and tricks to hit the targeted audience and click success for your business.

1. Fix a target audience

Instead of reaching all, if you focus on that prospective section of mass that can like your product, then you save not just your effort but also time. For instance, If you planning to sell trendy handbags for ladies, then your target should be woman. This will allow you to narrow down the reach and get desired results as needed.

2. Boring headlines don’t get clicks

Your ad can include only up to 135 characters. The selection of words can go a long way in bringing the needed attention and clicks for your ads. Creative, bold, innovative, attractive words, incentives and images in your headlines will make your ad look more presentable and approachable.

3. Create multiple versions

Once you are done with designing your ad, go ahead and create some more. This is one of the major secrets of success. Split testing the multiple version of the same ad by just changing few contents, picture, headline, you can hit the targeted audience at large. That is if one ad doesn’t work, the other could do the trick, so keep creating and testing.

4. Sponsored stories

A word of mouth recommendation of your business can reach others as news feed. All you need to do it to sponsor stories about people who have clicked liking your page/ad. This is the hottest marketingtool of FB.


Note that unless you are assured to get business, it is advisable to take the option of Cost per click. That is you need to pay FB as per the click with a belief that these clicks will eventually became a buyer. Cost per view may turn out to be just a look without click, which may not give any results for your business but you may need to shed it out of pocket to pay FB.

6. Like and Fan club

Add features like the “Like” button or Fan club to ensure more attention and drive better CTR than plain ads.

7. Watch and Follow actively

Update your page frequently, understand the traffic and follow up with those who have liked your page. You can also create Capture the email address and follow up using an auto responder email system such as Aweber.

8. Get the ads approved

Note that Facebook is based out of Palo Alto, which means they are in the Pacific Standard Time (PST) Zone. That means that your ads get approved during 8am to 8pm PST. It generally takes between 1-6hours for such approval. So get it approved on time.

9. Track your views

You can use Google analytics to track the traffic to your website/page to match the FB internal dashboard.…