be the change

Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World

Most people think the average teenager isn’t capable of much beyond hanging with their friends and wasting time. But Zach Hunter isn’t the average teenager. And he’s hoping to show you that you’re not either.

Zach has been trying to end slavery around the globe. Most people (maybe even you) think that slavery has been over a long time. Sadly, there are more people bound in slavery now than ever before. But Zach is proving that one person can make a difference.

Through stories of really people who lived out their love for the poor and the oppressed, you too will be inspired to make a change right where you are.

Forward by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot)

What others are saying:

“It’s awesome to see my generation grabbing hold of God’s vision for the hopeless and the oppressed. I’m excited and anxious to witness what God is going to do through Zach. I can only imagine what change our generation can bring when we channel our attention and passion towards affecting this world for the kingdom fo God.”

-Leeland Mooring, frontman of Leeland

“I am sure that when I was 15 I was navigating my world quite differently than Zach Hunter. Zach’s life and words cry freedom with the force of William Wallace.”

-Dan Haseltine, Jars of Clay, Blood:Water Mission

“A new generation of prophetic voices is emerging that understands (like the prophets of old) that God desires justice to roll like water’s. Zach Hunter, at the age of 15, is one of those voices. We all need to listen.”

-John Ortberg, Author and Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church