Zach Hunter is 21 years old and he’s leading a new generation of activists who are putting their faith into action to address some of the most serious problems facing the world today. In his new book “Chivalry” he challenges men and women (young and old) to live lives of personal justice, kindness and compassion.

In his first book, Be the Change, he profiles people investing in the world to make a difference. The forward is by Jon Foreman (lead singer of the band Switchfoot). His second book Generation Change, was released in April of 2008. Zach’s third book, Lose Your Cool releases in October of 2009.

Zach has partnered with artists to help raise awareness about human rights violations and the plight of the poor. He also appeared at a White House event; and was honored by CNN as a modern day hero.

He launched the Loose Change to Loosen Chains campaign while in 7th grade, and his school and youth group students raised awareness and funds to help end modern day slavery – a problem facing 27 million people in the world today. Today students around the world are doing the LC2LC campaign.

Each year Zach speaks to hundreds of thousands of people about God’s heart for the hurting and oppressed in the world and his dream that his generation would discover God’s great love for them and be motivated to care for neighbors around the world.

Zach also appears regularly on TV and radio and contributes to magazine and newspaper articles. Zach was the global student spokesperson for The Amazing Change, a social justice campaign launched by Bristol Bay Productions in conjunction with the major motion picture Amazing Grace, based on the life of antislavery pioneer William Wilberforce.

Ask him, and Zach will also tell you he’s a “painfully normal guy.” Zach is getting married to his true love on June 7, 2013. Zach loves music, books and great food.


“I love Zach and his heart. At a young age he understands that once you’ve tasted purpose, it’s really hard to be satisfied with mere existence. He’s a leader in a growing group of young people that understands our time on earth is a gift — they don’t want to waste it.”

Jeff Foxworthy – comedian, author and host of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

“I am sure that when I was a [his age] I was navigating my world quite differently than Zach Hunter. Zach’s life and words cry freedom with the force of William Wallace.”

Dan Haseltine – Jars of Clay and Blood Water Mission

“Zach Hunter is a brilliant social entrepreneur.”

Nicholas Kristof – Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Columnist for the New York Times, New York Times Best-Selling author of “Half the Sky”