Humidifiers For Home – Do You Really Need One?

Do You Really Need Humidifiers For Home?

Have you ever tried to sleep in a room that was too dry? Maybe it’s from the furnace, or maybe it’s just a dry night. When that happens, not only does your skin dry out, but you can often find it hard to breathe. That’s because the air doesn’t have any moisture in it, which is what our bodies need to work properly. We’re made mostly of water and so we need to drink lots of water if we hope for our bodies to run efficiently. However, there’s another way we can get moisture to our bodies and that’s by placing humidifiers for home in every bedroom in the house.

How do Humidifiers Work?

A humidifier for home is filled with water and then plugged in. Some people even like to put Vicks in the water to make it easier for them to breathe. When the humidifier is plugged in, the water will begin to heat until a mist of steam is produced. This steam will permeate through the air, and through the whole house if your house is small enough, so that you can get the moisture you need to get a good night’s rest. Air humidifiers are perfect for resting easy, but they’re also great for helping you feel better when you’re sick.

For when you or a Family Member are Sick

When you don’t feel well, such as when you have a common cold or the flu, your sinuses can become congested and that can make it hard to breathe. What automatic humidifiers for home do is they help to break up those sinuses so that you can breathe easier. Most people report feeling much better in the morning after sleeping with home humidifiers due to their healing properties. However, if you’re going to use a humidifier for home, make sure you use it properly so that you can prevent injury and also so that you can get the most out it.

Using it properly

When you have a mist humidifier, make sure you keep it away from children and never set it on the floor. That’s because the mist gets extremely hot and that can cause burns or worse. Some good tips are to set mist humidifiers on a dresser or a table on the opposite side of the room in which you sleep. Make sure you set the control to a level that will allow you to sleep but that will also give you the amount of mist you need.

If you find that your automatic humidifiers for home quit working for any reason, or you don’t feel as though they’re working as well as they should, always check the guide the humidifiers come with. There are usually some troubleshooting tips that will let you know what may be wrong, such as if the device needs to be cleaned. You’ll find that after using the humidifiers for the home for a while, lead and other impurities can clog up the filter and so the device will need to be cleaned regularly.

Whichever store happens to be a carrier for the air humidifiers, you can often find cleaning kits and extra filters so that your humidifiers for home can work as best they can. If you still can’t fix the device, check with the people selling the humidifiers to see if they have any tips on making it work correctly again. Best Whole House humidifiers can make a world of difference to your sleep and they can help you feel better, but you must maintain them correctly and you must use them as directed if you hope to get the best results.…

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Creating A Mobile Application

There are many forums where you learn how to create the mobile app but here we will discuss how to develop the mobile application without any error. It should be free from the flaw of mistakes. There is one thing one should keep in mind that developing an application is a very crucial thing to do and you need to understand the pitfalls involved in it. In recent times, it has found tremendous growth in this sector. The lifestyle of the people has been changed; people are dependent on the smartphone.

They get anything anywhere on the fingertips. They feel too lazy to open the computer and do the task. Not all the apps are successful in giving the desire satisfaction to the customer. Investors spend lots of money on developing the website. There are applications which are downloaded for a day and disappear the next day. There are Android app review services that help in downloading the application on mobile. There are many things to consider while making the mobile application.

Some common mistakes are as follows



When you develop a new application, you should know for which platform it is going to be used. The platforms can be IOS or android or it can be any platform. We all know android and IOS are common but what about people who are still using the platforms like windows or blackberry. Many countries are still using windows phone. So now you should know which platform will be used for the application. Before getting the app, development chose form native app, web app or hybrid app and then gets into the process of developing the application.


The idea behind developing the application is important. Avoid making Intrusive ads on the app. You should create in a desire should not be too big to be annoying and it should not be too small to understand. The appearance of advertisement should be according to the layout and design of the device. The buyer app review increases the website ranking, this an innovative feature you can have for the development of the application. Check their pricing plans over here.

Excessive pop-up notifications

While developing the application, there is pop-up notification feature. It is a very strong feature as it keeps on updating the customer about the important thing. For example, if you are creating the banking mobile application, then notification feature is vital. But you should not provide over excessive notification again and again to the customer. In such situation, customer gets annoyed. These notifications need to be sent at right time. To increase the retention of the customer be careful when what and where to send. Like doing shopping form mobile app the notification is sent via email and via SMS just after the transaction is processed. This notification is good to retain the customer. The customer feels secure in such case and trusts the company. Similarly, if you don’t send any notification then the customer might feel insecure and will not be retained. Here strategy has to be cleared while developing the app.

Application functioning

There are many problems an app may suffer like loading time, display problem on different size of devices, drains the battery of the device, get hanged or freeze due to overload, unsatisfactory UX etc. These are the common issues for the app. This leads to poor performance of the company. For this you might have the negative impact on your existing customer, you might lose them. There is no new customer and existing customers will also lose uninstall the app. So be careful about the app functioning. Plan the application design error free and work perfectly.

Some annoying feature

To make the application unique, do not involve unnecessary features. Like in some app you have to follow the social media account which turns out to be annoying for users. The strategy should be like study the consumer behaviour and then put the features into it.  The mobile app will be dumped if the user information is shared with the third party without user confirmation.

User interface

The main part is the user interface. The application should not be complicated for the user. A user might not be techno-friendly, keep features as simple as possible. In order to giver user a different experience, the case can be adverse. Provide easy features and functions so that users can interact in a friendly way and get satisfied with the features and functions.

Feedback and review

It is not necessary to ask feedback or to rate the app repeatedly. There are buy app review available for feedback which is based on real feedback. The user gets nervous if he/she is asked to give rating again and again so avoid such gestures. The same thing is applicable in the case of updates or notification.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can develop the perfect user interface app.…

5 Google Plus Tricks And Tips

Google+ is the another new social networking service by Google, that lets you make friends. It was launched on June 28, 2011. After release of just two weeks it reached 10 million users and after 4 weeks it reached 25 million unique visitors. Here am providing a great 20 Google+ Tricks and Tips on this article.

Send A Private Message In Google+

Go to your Google+ account. Click on the Stream box and type your message. Now, remove “Public” group and “Friends” by clicking the X. Next add the names of your friends you like to send a private message, then click on Share button. Refer screen below.

Download Your Private Data From Google+

Google+ allows you to download all your private data to your local computer. Go to, then click on Data liberation” tab. Next click on Download your data” button to download all your private data into a zip format. Refer screen below.

Block Public Searches In Google+

Go your Google Plus profile click on “Edit Profile” tab, In the pop-up menu, you can restrict viewing parts of your profile to just Google+ members, specific circles, or just you. Refer screen below.

Disable Google+ Notifications In Email

To disable email notifications in email go to, then click on the Google+ link. Now you can disable e-mail (and phone) notifications. Refer screen below.

Upload YouTube Videos In Google+

To upload YouTube videos simply click on Stream tab, then click on small video button to add videos. Refer screens below.

Add Mobile Number For Notifications

To add phone number for notifications go to then click on “Add phone number” to add your Phone number and select your country. Next click on “Send Verification code” to get verification number. you will get in 2-3 mins then add this code in verification box. Refer screen below.


How To Make Your Blog Indexed Faster

If you have created a new website/blog and want to index them faster by major search engines like GoogleYahoo and Bing? then you are at right place to know such information. Suppose you have launched a new website/blog and written a few good articles but waiting for search engines to crawl and index them not a good idea. So the better way is to let search engines know about your work is to add your website/blog sitemap to these major search giants for better indexing. We have mentioned few techniques below for better and faster indexing of a blog. We tried to index this post –> Kundli Matching for Marriage  & we got succeed.

Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

Sitemap is a file that contains a list of URL’s of a site that allows webmaster to inform search engines about the location of pages on a website that are available for crawling. Once you have submitted the sitemap of your website to search engines these search engines take some time to process and index them. We all know that Google is one of the best search giant than Yahoo and Bing, for providing better search results. Google also index a website sitemap much faster than other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo and Bing takes lots of time to index a website. Lets submit your website/blog sitemap to these below major search engines:

  1. Google : Webmaster Tools
  2. Yahoo : Yahoo Site Explorer
  3. Bing : Bing Webmaster

Submit Blog To Blog Directories

On the internet you will find many blog directories with good reputation and by adding a blog to these directories is a better idea to gain more quality backlinks and force search engines to index your blog much faster. Why because these blog directories are indexed continuously by all major search engines. So go and registered your blog there and add your blog description and title with rite category. Submit your blog to these below top 10 blog directories:

  1. Technorati
  2. BlogCatalog
  3. NetworkedBlogs
  4. BlogTopList
  5. BlogTopSites
  6. Bloggernity
  7. OnTopList
  8. Blog Rankings
  9. Blogarama
  10. Bloggeries

Submit Blog Feeds To Feed Directories

It is similar to blog directories like adding your blog feeds to feed directories for quicker indexing of blogs. But the main difference is that whenever you publish a new article to your blog, these feed directories automatically submit all your published articles via your blog feeds. Such kind of submission will also give you more quality backlinks for better ranking of your blog. Best top 10 feed directories are mentioned below.

  1. Feedage
  2. Blog Burst
  3. Feed
  4. RSS Network
  5. FeedFury
  6. Million RSS
  7. Best Blogs
  8. Blog Hints
  9. FeedPlex
  10. FriendFeed

Check Your Blog Statistics

There are many online tools available to check insights and details of your website/blog. These online tools will create a separate page of your blog Like This, this will help your blog to get indexed quickly. A few of them listed below you can try them.

  1. CubeStats
  2. Whois
  3. valuethewebsite
  4. Sitetrail
  5. Alexa
  6. Allaboutsite
  7. StatBrain

Use Website Indexer Tool

The Website Indexer Tool also uses the same strategy like above. It will automatically submit your blog to 100 authority sites to index your blog faster. They claim that your blog get indexed withing in one hour. I have used this tool before its works 100%.…

Facebook Ads For Success: Tricks and Tips

Today online Ads are hotcakes as they provide an effective and cost efficient way to reach the targeted audience. Facebook tops as the provider for an effective platform for online ads. According to a recent study from MerchantCircle, 22% of small businesses have used Facebook Ads, and 65% prefer to use Facebook Ads again. Easy use and flexibility were given the top reasons for its success.

Why Facebook:

1. From the straight words from FB Team: Reach Target Customers, Deepen Relationships, Control budget.

2. Facebook holds detailed user data and various options, which makes it easier to target specific groups and also keeps track of the views.

3. There is no cost attached to create an ad in Face book, the only catch of business for them is from Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per view (CPV). Hence, once you have created a successful ad, which not only attracts viewers but also buyers, paying the FB team reasonable cash as per CPC or CPV will not be a constraint.

With all these goody things in, if you thought it’s a cakewalk to get customers for your business via FB, then you might need a halt. With the recent study, it was found that one-third of users did not find it that successful. But does this mean Ads in FB doesn’t work? No it simply means that in midst of millions of business ads, your ad need to stand out and roar a distinct identity to be noticed. There are many features in FB Ad creation, if used effectively can yield the desired clicks and customers thereafter. Hence there is certainly a hidden secret behind successful ad generations and great business profits, which follows.

For all those who have already created or planning to create an ad in Facebook, here are some useful tips and tricks to hit the targeted audience and click success for your business.

1. Fix a target audience

Instead of reaching all, if you focus on that prospective section of mass that can like your product, then you save not just your effort but also time. For instance, If you planning to sell trendy handbags for ladies, then your target should be woman. This will allow you to narrow down the reach and get desired results as needed.

2. Boring headlines don’t get clicks

Your ad can include only up to 135 characters. The selection of words can go a long way in bringing the needed attention and clicks for your ads. Creative, bold, innovative, attractive words, incentives and images in your headlines will make your ad look more presentable and approachable.

3. Create multiple versions

Once you are done with designing your ad, go ahead and create some more. This is one of the major secrets of success. Split testing the multiple version of the same ad by just changing few contents, picture, headline, you can hit the targeted audience at large. That is if one ad doesn’t work, the other could do the trick, so keep creating and testing.

4. Sponsored stories

A word of mouth recommendation of your business can reach others as news feed. All you need to do it to sponsor stories about people who have clicked liking your page/ad. This is the hottest marketingtool of FB.


Note that unless you are assured to get business, it is advisable to take the option of Cost per click. That is you need to pay FB as per the click with a belief that these clicks will eventually became a buyer. Cost per view may turn out to be just a look without click, which may not give any results for your business but you may need to shed it out of pocket to pay FB.

6. Like and Fan club

Add features like the “Like” button or Fan club to ensure more attention and drive better CTR than plain ads.

7. Watch and Follow actively

Update your page frequently, understand the traffic and follow up with those who have liked your page. You can also create Capture the email address and follow up using an auto responder email system such as Aweber.

8. Get the ads approved

Note that Facebook is based out of Palo Alto, which means they are in the Pacific Standard Time (PST) Zone. That means that your ads get approved during 8am to 8pm PST. It generally takes between 1-6hours for such approval. So get it approved on time.

9. Track your views

You can use Google analytics to track the traffic to your website/page to match the FB internal dashboard.…

Enable Blogger Dynamic View In Blog

Blogger finally introduced 7 Dynamic Views for all blogs in Template Designer section. So, Now blogger users are able to change their layout the way they want. A Dynamic View is an automated feature which style the your current template into different flavours and colors. The Dynamic View really help your readers and visitors by providing better readability. The feature allows you to arrange your posts and sidebars. This feature arranges all your posts as per selected Dynamic Views. However, this feature has some advantages and disadvantages we will going to discuss below.

All About Blogger Dynamic Views

Below are the seven new way to experience your blog look. We will see each example below with screenshot.

  1. Classic: A modern twist on a traditional template
  2. Flipcard: Photos tiled across the page
  3. Magazine: A clean, elegant editorial style layout
  4. Mosaic: A mosaic mix of different sized images and text
  5. Sidebar: An email inbox-like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
  6. Snapshot: An interactive pin board of your posts
  7. Timeslide: A horizontal view of your posts by time period

Blogger Classic View

  1. Infinite scrolling replaces the “Older posts” link.
  2. Use keyboard to navigate through the posts using shortcut keys J (older post) and K (newer post) or the arrow keys.
  3. As you scroll posts will continue to load.

Blogger Flipcard View

  1. Mouse over any image you will see post title and comment count
  2. Click on image to see full view.
  3. As you scroll posts will continue to load.

Blogger Magazine View

  1. Mouse over the post to see highlighting and comments bubble animation
  2. Select “X” key to close and back to the default view.

Blogger Mosaic View

  1. Clicking on an post title will give you full width view and clicking again to back to default.
  2. This view is optimized for the tablet viewing, and supports screen rotation.
  3. You can use shortcut keys like J and K for navigation up and down

Blogger Sidebar View

  1. Left sidebar is list of chronological posts, with comment counts and thumbnails for individual posts.
  2. Choose shortkeys like J and K for page up and down

Blogger Snapshot View

  1. This only displays post which have images
  2. Clicking any image will give you full view of image
  3. Use mouse over on any image to see a post snippet.

Blogger Timeslide View

  1. Left column: Shows a picture in snipped title and description.
  2. Middle column: Only displays the post title and snippet
  3. Right column: Displays just the individual post titles

How To View Blogger Dynamic View

By default blogger enables Dynamic Views for all blogs. So, If you want to view preview of each Dynamic View. Just simply click below links to view each preview.

  1. Classic
  2. Flipcard
  3. Magazine
  4. Mosaic
  5. Sidebar
  6. Snapshot
  7. Timeslide

If you want to view your blog preview then simply replace with your domain name or blog name.

How To Enable Dynamic View For Blog

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard click on —> Design tab —> Template Designer tab.

2. In Template Designer section you will have seven Dynamic Views, Click on each view to preview your blog. Refer screen below.

3. If you liked any of view then simply hit the “Apply to Blog” button at the top-right corner.

Dynamic View Advantages

Dynamic Views is compatible with all major browsers such as IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This view really reduce your blog loading time. The layout of this view perfectly coded that it will not interrupt your layout. This view also gives better browsing in smart phones.

Dynamic View Disadvantages

You really don’t have any control on your blog widgets and posts when you enable Dynamic Views. This view does not provide subscription form. If you have a good running professional blog with Ads on it, then better to quit and leave this feature. This best suited for images or wallpapers blog to give more attractive look.

I really hope this article you liked much, have any query then use comment form below to leave a comment with feedback.…

How To Create & Add Polls To Blog

The default Blogger poll widget doesn’t record the poll history and it comes with very basic features with huge limitations on it, so not a good choice for using online polls. So I came across a part free, and part paid service called Polldaddy for creating and adding online polls to websites/blogs.

Kundliguru is a most powerful birth chart software, where you can instantly create stunning online surveys or polls for your website/blog. It maintains a dashboard where it collects all the responses via your website. The free account has some limitations but never the less its very nice.

To create a poll for your website all you have to do is create a account with polldaddy. It will take less than a minute to create account. The poll creation is very simple and flexible, because if you like to keep your poll forever, then create a poll post and make a section of polls where you can refer your readers to older polls as well. In this manner your older polls will remains along with data. Like it, want to add poll section to your website/blog then follow below easy steps to create and add online polls to your website.

How To Create A Poll

1. Go to

2. Click on button that says “Sing up for a free account now!”.

3. On next screen Choose “Free” service.

4. Now fill up all the required fields and create account.

5. Once account created, you will recevie activation link in your email, click on it.

6. Once you click activation link, it will take you to your Dashboard.

7. Next click on “Create a new” and select “Poll”. Refer screen below.

8. Next create your poll Question. See my example below.

=> Create A Online Poll For Blog

9. Next select “Poll Style” and “Poll Options“.

=> Select Poll Style

10. Next click on button that says “Create Poll“.

11. Now copy provided Javascript code and follow next part below.

How To Add Poll To Blog

1. Go to your Design tab —> Page Elements tab.

2. Click on “Add a Widget” then select “HTML/Javascript” Widget.

3. Add copied JavaScript code inside the “HTML/Javascript” Widget.

4. Save it and view your blog.

If you have any query or need any help feel free to leave a comment below. will reply you soon.…